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TitleHandong University-POSTECH Workshop on Machine Learning(1/29, 2019)2019-01-28 00:33:25
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Handong University-POSTECH Workshop on Machine Learning

1/29(Tue), 2019/ POSTECH  수리과학관 404호

​참여: 한동대 김인중 교수 Lab., 한동대 최희열 교수 Lab., POSTECH 황형주 교수 Lab.
주관: POSTECH Am2,  한동대 이한진 교수


​<김인중 교수 Lab.>

14:00-14:30 ​ Style transfer in neural speech synthesis / 양진혁(Handong Univ.)

14:30-15:00 ​ WICWIU: An open source deep Learning framework with readability and extensibility / 권예성(Handong Univ.)

<황형주 교수 Lab.>

15:10-15:40  Local stability of simple gradient penalty mu-Wasserstein GANs / 김철형(POSTECH)

15:40-16:10  Hierarchical Inverse Reinforcement Learning / 황락훈(POSTECH)

<최희열 교수 Lab.>

16:20-16:50  Generative Adversarial Networks for Text Generation / 한상철(Handong Univ.)

16:50-17:20​ ​ Pooling Methods for Convolutional Neural Networks / 엄하영(Handong Univ.)

17:30 -         -  Banquet  -

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